Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Buy Beauty Holiday Gift After the Holiday

Ok so the holiday's are almost over and you might have brought all the things you may have needed. However, retailers always have the best bargains after the holiday's. You can really luck out with holiday gifts sets because retailers need to sell them so they can make more room for new inventory coming in. If you don't take advantage these items get shipped back to the factory and sometimes get destroyed. Yes ladies that is what happens when you don't buy a particular item they sometimes destroy it or make it into a tester item. Anyway, the prices are always great and for the most part the are markdown about 2 or 3 times before they are ship off. So if you love to buy gifts ahead of times for the next holiday season always buy your sets right after the holiday.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's Been Along Time

Well folks I am back. I had my second son in October and he has been a joy to our family. Being pregnant with him did all types of things to my face. In my 29 years of life I had oily skin and had to change my routine. I love my tinted moisturizer but I had to change this even the oil-free was not helping. So I started wear mineral press powder and that did the trick. I choose this because I knew I wanted to use a base that would be good for my skin. However, I did not want to inhale those little particle in the loose mineral powder while carrying my son. So mineral press seemed like my best bet. I was using Laura Mercier however Lancome also makes a good press. Most company now have mineral press it's up to you which one will work best for you. My lip was also going hey wire. I had to buy lip polish to take the dead skin off and then condition them after. I tried not to do to much to myself since I had what the called the "Pregnancy Glow". Every time I would try my skin would breakout anyway so I said the hell with it. Anyway guys I will be on my blog more often to give you update on the latest makeup trends. My next blog BUY YOUR MAKEUP PALETTE AND GIFTS AFTER THE HOLIDAYS.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Makeup During pregnancy

So I have not been blogging in a while. Very sorry about this but I am expecting my second son in Novermber. I have been tried, gumpy, and all types of emotions. As I am checking my email it hit me I have not been on any type of network since I become pregnant not even facebook. I thought to myself this would be a good time to blog about how pregnancy can effect the skin and honey it can. It can effect the skin both good and bad. With my first preganacy my face was a smooth as a baby behide. With this one I have break outs and I just want to scream. Thanks goodness I don't have the mask face though. I know that this will go away after the baby is born but it is annoying to see your face looking like Bumpy Johnson. As much water as I drink you would think I would have smoother skin but no I do not. I can't complain though is not as bad as I have seen in the past. I will just keep doing my skincare and everything else.

Monday, March 1, 2010

You can't keep it forever!

So I was asked this question "Does make up expire? and if so long does it last?".
Well the answer to that question is yes. Makeup does have a life expectancy for example a mascara life expectancy is only 3 months so if you have a mascara that you have been holding on to for 6 months now throw it away. Mascara hold bacteria on the wand so just think you are put that right on your eyes. DO NOT stock pile your mascara. Foundation has a shelf life of 12-18 months so does your blush and eye shadow. Just like mascara ladies eye shadow should not be in your makeup bag for more then 18 month. You must throw it away or risk getting in eye infection and that is no fun. Lipstick you can hold on to a little longer. However, we run through lipstick and gloss faster then any other makeup product. Now if you just brought makeup and for any reason and it smells funny take in back right away this mean it is rotten. You makeup should never have any weird smell especaily if you just purchased it. This goes for moisturizer,face serum, eye cream ,and eye serum you only have a expectancy of about 18 months and should not smell. By then you should be done with these product anyway and should be replenishing your products.
Now you know how long to have you makeup ladies. Happy shopping!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tools to make your look happen!!!

So I was doing a makeover and my client love it. However, she posed the question that many of my clients have, How do I recreate this look?. Well ladies if you are looking to create or recreate a look you must, must have the tools to do this. You can not go with one little paint brush to paint an entire apartment. You will need many brushes and tools to make it happen. With this said I love a great brush that can with stand heavy usage. When you are looking for brush make sure you ask what kind of hair they are using for there brushes. I like goat hair or any kind of hair like that. I not a fan of synthetic hair but there are some brush that work better if they are synthetic. If you have never brought brush or just have a few I will give you an easy guide the next time you visit a makeup counter. First thing is you want brushes with a cheat sheet ,this is what I call it. This mean that the brush will have the name of it on the brush itself. So if your looking for a concealer brush it will say concealer brush at the tip of the brush. Second thing is ask how long there brushes last ,some have a longer life expectancy then others. Lastly you want to take care of you brushes as best you can. You can go to Sephora and get some brush cleaner and shampoo. You want to clean your brushes about twice a week with you brush cleaner and once a month with the shampoo. When you wash them with the shampoo lie them down flat to dry and the will be good as new. When you keep up the maintenance of your brush you will avoid them for holding bacteria and break you out. Also can have the for many, many years. Now going back to creating or recreating a look for yourself you should ask the person at the makeup counter which brush would be the best on there line ,for lets say blending your shadows. The perfect look comes from the perfect tools. There are many different brushes, you have your cheek brushes,concealer brushes, multiple eye shadow brushes as will as lip brushes. Now you will find more brushes at a counter then this but I just wanted to show you how many tool you will come a cross and that you don't become overwhelmed. There more you go to a makeup counter and look around the different counter you will become more familiar with the many tools that are offered to you. Happy shopping ladies.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You eyes are the window to your soul so make them look fab.....

I have always said the the eyes are the window to the soul and some of you have already heard this saying. So with that said eye makeup and application to me is very , very important. The colors you use and what eyeliner work best with the shadow you have on make all the differnce. I have seen eye shadow on some women and it is a complete disaster. So first thing first ladies know what color shadow looks good with your eye color and skintone. Don't be afraid of color learn how to use it to your advantage to make your eyes pop and stand out. If you have brown eyes greens and plums work well as do other colors. If you have blue eyes blue greys and mauves also work will. Once you know what works then you can start looking for eyeliner that complete the look. Also blending is very ,very important never just put your shadow on and think your done and now it time for eyeliner. Blend the color in to each other so they tell a story of color almost. Once this is done then you can go for the liner. Liner is a very personal thing like makeup itself. It's all in what you like some like a pencil will someone else may like liquid. So find what fits you and go for it. Mascara is like the icing on the cake and my favorite one right now is Eyes To Kill from Armani OOOHHH MY GOSH forget New Lash go out and get the mascara it lenghting and builds the lash with out having to put any kind of chemicals near your eyes. It also has staying power ladies so go out and buy this mascara you will love me for it. One important thing I have to stress is never ever have intense eyes and lips you will end up looking like a clown. It should be one or the other intense lips or eyes. So have fun ladies shopping for new eye shadow.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cosmetics Secrets Retailers Don't Want You To Know!!!!

So I was watching Dr.Oz which by the way I love, love him and saw that he was doing a show about beauty products and what they have in them that may be harmful to our health. So of course I had to see this. I know there are things in products that are no good for you two things in products that are not good is Mica and Talc. Paraben is another one that you should stay away from. However, I wanted to know if he would mention this ingredients and he did. What I found interesting was why they were bad for you. So I may be a makeup artists that works for a retailer but my health and the health of my clients comes first. So if you missed that show I will tell you what was said and what to look for in your cosmetics product the next time you go look for new makeup. Dr. Oz spoke about the top three products that are in our makeup bags that are harmful to use. The top three were mineral powder, anti-wrinkle cream and lip-gloss. Mineral makeup being his first concern was how small the powder particles are. Nano particles are ten times smaller then they were 10 years ago. The stuff that makes them smaller is things like mica and talc. So when these dust particles go in the air they get in our lungs faster then they did before. These particles can scar the lungs. There are no cases as of now but it took 10-30 years to see damage with industrial worker like minors and construction workers. Who by the way work around these same particles and became very ill afterwards. So with that said he gives some other option to try if you love mineral makeup. One was liquid foundation, cream blush/bronzer and press powder. Also you can look for mineral powder that do not contain nano particles. The other concern was anti-wrinkle cream. These cream getting into the dermis so fast is another concern of his. With these ingredients in the creams that we use they can actually promote collagen breakdown which is what we are trying to avoiding. Also they can irritate the skin. What you can look for when you are buying cream are fragrance free, no-color in the cream, vitamin-a/retinols also vitamin-c, and alpha hydroxy acid a very potent antioxidants.
The third is lip-gloss these products have petroleum jelly in them. Now when we put lip-gloss on and if we put it on 4 to 5 times a day it like drinking gas. If you do this for just a decade you are eating 7 pounds of petroleum jelly nasty... So things we can do if you are a lip-gloss lover like me. One thing you can do is put something else under the gloss that has zinc oxide. You can use natural bees wax or use a balm with SPF. So these are the things that he said we can do until we phase out the harmful products. Our health should always be first and once I saw this I knew I had to share it with you.

Monday, February 1, 2010

A flawless face start with good skin care

Hello ladies so I got a question today about someone imperfection with their skin and how can they cover it up. Also she ask me about her color foundation since she has a yellow undertone. Ladies I can not stress enough about skin care. This is crucial to beautiful makeup. You can not hide you imperfections with makeup, it actually makes it look worst. So first things first get skin care that is for your skin type. So if you have oily skin get yourself oil free cleansers and oil free moisturizer and so on and so forth. Once your skin is better than you can start seeking out your foundation. You should know your skins undertone before you start looking for a foundation.If you have a yellow undertone stay away from foundation with a yellow base. You should have a more pink or beige base to cut the yellow. If you want more info just ask me a question and I will be more then happy to answer you.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Statement Lips

Statement Lips

New Season, New Colors, New You!!!

Ok ladies so it's a new season spring 2010  and the new collections will be launching soon and  OMG  they are to die for. So it seems that the color trend is pink, greys, and sutbtle pearls. Pink is in! pale pink and bright pink. I have never been a pinky kinda of gal but I have been feeling it as of late.Giorgio Armani, Chantecaille, and Laura Mercier all have beautiful pinks to name a few. OMG and YSL has this burgundy 5 mascara- just beautiful. I tried it today and it gives such a nice pop to the eyes. Ladies, YSL Burgunday 5 mascara is a must have this season. Go bold and try some color in your life. We only live once and if we look back and say what were we thinking we can always say " It was in sytle". Also my favrotie parfum at the moment and more then likly for a very long time is Chloe. Ladies if you don't have this parfum you gotta  go and get it. Get your husband,boyfriend (whatever have you)  to get this fragrance for you, it is my absolute fave and you will love it to.