Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Buy Beauty Holiday Gift After the Holiday

Ok so the holiday's are almost over and you might have brought all the things you may have needed. However, retailers always have the best bargains after the holiday's. You can really luck out with holiday gifts sets because retailers need to sell them so they can make more room for new inventory coming in. If you don't take advantage these items get shipped back to the factory and sometimes get destroyed. Yes ladies that is what happens when you don't buy a particular item they sometimes destroy it or make it into a tester item. Anyway, the prices are always great and for the most part the are markdown about 2 or 3 times before they are ship off. So if you love to buy gifts ahead of times for the next holiday season always buy your sets right after the holiday.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's Been Along Time

Well folks I am back. I had my second son in October and he has been a joy to our family. Being pregnant with him did all types of things to my face. In my 29 years of life I had oily skin and had to change my routine. I love my tinted moisturizer but I had to change this even the oil-free was not helping. So I started wear mineral press powder and that did the trick. I choose this because I knew I wanted to use a base that would be good for my skin. However, I did not want to inhale those little particle in the loose mineral powder while carrying my son. So mineral press seemed like my best bet. I was using Laura Mercier however Lancome also makes a good press. Most company now have mineral press it's up to you which one will work best for you. My lip was also going hey wire. I had to buy lip polish to take the dead skin off and then condition them after. I tried not to do to much to myself since I had what the called the "Pregnancy Glow". Every time I would try my skin would breakout anyway so I said the hell with it. Anyway guys I will be on my blog more often to give you update on the latest makeup trends. My next blog BUY YOUR MAKEUP PALETTE AND GIFTS AFTER THE HOLIDAYS.