Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hello all I hope everyone had a great long weekend. A couple of days ago I was watching something on yahoo and they were talking about some of the worst things you can do to you skin. I thought this was so interesting and since I will be launching my skincare line soon I said to myself this is perfect to talk about. We all have committed some of these face crime and I wanted to blog about some of the worst things we do to our face. So let see how many crimes you have committed against your skin. First thing is using deodorant soap on your face. This may not seem as like a big deal but using harass soap like body wash or deodorant soap on your face can disrupt your skin's delicate lipid barrier. As a result of using these type of soaps it will lead to dry irritated skin. Or one or the other. Second is not washing your face in the morning. Even if you wash your face at night your skin renews itself at night, and it is also releasing toxins that needs to be cleansed off. Third is not washing your face at night. Now I know that by the end of the day all you want to do is jump in the bed but this ladies is a mistake. You have been out all day and if you wear makeup you need to wash away the day. There are all types of pollution in the air and all this will stick to your face. So you want to make sure you wash your face at night and get rid of the day. Fourth is over washing your face. You may feel nice and clean after using a super abrasive soap or maybe a cloth but you can cause redness to your skin. Also this can dry you skin out and that is not something you want. Fifth is using the wrong cleanser for your skin type. Make sure you know your skin type because using a cleanser that has moister in it and you have oily skin is not going to do you any good. There are ways to test to see what your skin type is. Wash your face and do not put any type of cream on you skin for about a half an hour. If your skin feel really tight than you have dry skin. If your skin feels oily than you guessed it you have oily skin. Last but not least if your t zone is the only thing that is dry or oily than you have combination skin. So ladies I hope this helped you realized if you were committing any crimes against your skin. TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN! UNTIL NEXT TIME !


Hello everyone and good day. I am today because this Fall I will be launching my organic skincare line name Bella Organic Skincare. I have always believe in taking care of your skin first. As a makeup artist I always spoke to all my clients about making sure that they keep their skin clean and moisturized. This is very important and it's not just your face you should take care of your entire body, remember this is part of skin care as well. As the years past and my research grew I understood how many ingredients are very dangerous for you skin. However, today I will be talking to you about the good ingredients for your skin. Now there are a some ingredients that you may just have laying around your home that is great for your skin. The first one I want to talk about is Aloe Vera now we all know that this has great benefits for our body. So much so that they have Aloe Vera drinks out there for you. This ingredient is great for people with sensitive or dry skin. If your skin is easily irritated this will help clam the skin. So even if you do not have sensitive skin look for Aloe Vera in your skincare products it always a plus. Chamomile is the next ingredient I would like to talk about now we all know that chamomile has soothing effect but products that have it can help hydrate your skin. Moving on to the next ingredient I want to talk about Green Clay. This is great for an oily skin type Green Clay can balance out the natural oils in your skin. You will often see this in facial mask to help remove impurities from the skin. Since we love green so much LoL the second green ingredient is Green Tea, again we all now know the great benefits of green tea for our inside and if it help our insides than it will do wonders for our skin. Green Tea is a great antioxidant that helps fight free radicals. Now let move on to Jojoba oil this is now in everything and that's because studies show that this oil helps restores your natural Ph balance in your skin. As well as moisturizing and making it softer. Last but not least Oatmeal we can use this to gently cleanse our face as well as exfoliate our face and entire body. It also has the benefits of lighten you dark spots and evening skin tone. So these are some of the ingredients that are very good for the skin. I try to get a count for my launch up on my blog as soon as possible so that you can see when the event will take place. Thank you for reading. TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN! UNTIL NEXT TIME!