Friday, February 26, 2010

Tools to make your look happen!!!

So I was doing a makeover and my client love it. However, she posed the question that many of my clients have, How do I recreate this look?. Well ladies if you are looking to create or recreate a look you must, must have the tools to do this. You can not go with one little paint brush to paint an entire apartment. You will need many brushes and tools to make it happen. With this said I love a great brush that can with stand heavy usage. When you are looking for brush make sure you ask what kind of hair they are using for there brushes. I like goat hair or any kind of hair like that. I not a fan of synthetic hair but there are some brush that work better if they are synthetic. If you have never brought brush or just have a few I will give you an easy guide the next time you visit a makeup counter. First thing is you want brushes with a cheat sheet ,this is what I call it. This mean that the brush will have the name of it on the brush itself. So if your looking for a concealer brush it will say concealer brush at the tip of the brush. Second thing is ask how long there brushes last ,some have a longer life expectancy then others. Lastly you want to take care of you brushes as best you can. You can go to Sephora and get some brush cleaner and shampoo. You want to clean your brushes about twice a week with you brush cleaner and once a month with the shampoo. When you wash them with the shampoo lie them down flat to dry and the will be good as new. When you keep up the maintenance of your brush you will avoid them for holding bacteria and break you out. Also can have the for many, many years. Now going back to creating or recreating a look for yourself you should ask the person at the makeup counter which brush would be the best on there line ,for lets say blending your shadows. The perfect look comes from the perfect tools. There are many different brushes, you have your cheek brushes,concealer brushes, multiple eye shadow brushes as will as lip brushes. Now you will find more brushes at a counter then this but I just wanted to show you how many tool you will come a cross and that you don't become overwhelmed. There more you go to a makeup counter and look around the different counter you will become more familiar with the many tools that are offered to you. Happy shopping ladies.


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  1. This info was great and now i know that i can have makeup brushes for a while as long as I take care of them. I do have one question for you...does makeup expire? If I don't use it all the time how long can I keep it?