Friday, January 22, 2010

New Season, New Colors, New You!!!

Ok ladies so it's a new season spring 2010  and the new collections will be launching soon and  OMG  they are to die for. So it seems that the color trend is pink, greys, and sutbtle pearls. Pink is in! pale pink and bright pink. I have never been a pinky kinda of gal but I have been feeling it as of late.Giorgio Armani, Chantecaille, and Laura Mercier all have beautiful pinks to name a few. OMG and YSL has this burgundy 5 mascara- just beautiful. I tried it today and it gives such a nice pop to the eyes. Ladies, YSL Burgunday 5 mascara is a must have this season. Go bold and try some color in your life. We only live once and if we look back and say what were we thinking we can always say " It was in sytle". Also my favrotie parfum at the moment and more then likly for a very long time is Chloe. Ladies if you don't have this parfum you gotta  go and get it. Get your husband,boyfriend (whatever have you)  to get this fragrance for you, it is my absolute fave and you will love it to.

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