Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cosmetics Secrets Retailers Don't Want You To Know!!!!

So I was watching Dr.Oz which by the way I love, love him and saw that he was doing a show about beauty products and what they have in them that may be harmful to our health. So of course I had to see this. I know there are things in products that are no good for you two things in products that are not good is Mica and Talc. Paraben is another one that you should stay away from. However, I wanted to know if he would mention this ingredients and he did. What I found interesting was why they were bad for you. So I may be a makeup artists that works for a retailer but my health and the health of my clients comes first. So if you missed that show I will tell you what was said and what to look for in your cosmetics product the next time you go look for new makeup. Dr. Oz spoke about the top three products that are in our makeup bags that are harmful to use. The top three were mineral powder, anti-wrinkle cream and lip-gloss. Mineral makeup being his first concern was how small the powder particles are. Nano particles are ten times smaller then they were 10 years ago. The stuff that makes them smaller is things like mica and talc. So when these dust particles go in the air they get in our lungs faster then they did before. These particles can scar the lungs. There are no cases as of now but it took 10-30 years to see damage with industrial worker like minors and construction workers. Who by the way work around these same particles and became very ill afterwards. So with that said he gives some other option to try if you love mineral makeup. One was liquid foundation, cream blush/bronzer and press powder. Also you can look for mineral powder that do not contain nano particles. The other concern was anti-wrinkle cream. These cream getting into the dermis so fast is another concern of his. With these ingredients in the creams that we use they can actually promote collagen breakdown which is what we are trying to avoiding. Also they can irritate the skin. What you can look for when you are buying cream are fragrance free, no-color in the cream, vitamin-a/retinols also vitamin-c, and alpha hydroxy acid a very potent antioxidants.
The third is lip-gloss these products have petroleum jelly in them. Now when we put lip-gloss on and if we put it on 4 to 5 times a day it like drinking gas. If you do this for just a decade you are eating 7 pounds of petroleum jelly nasty... So things we can do if you are a lip-gloss lover like me. One thing you can do is put something else under the gloss that has zinc oxide. You can use natural bees wax or use a balm with SPF. So these are the things that he said we can do until we phase out the harmful products. Our health should always be first and once I saw this I knew I had to share it with you.