Monday, March 1, 2010

You can't keep it forever!

So I was asked this question "Does make up expire? and if so long does it last?".
Well the answer to that question is yes. Makeup does have a life expectancy for example a mascara life expectancy is only 3 months so if you have a mascara that you have been holding on to for 6 months now throw it away. Mascara hold bacteria on the wand so just think you are put that right on your eyes. DO NOT stock pile your mascara. Foundation has a shelf life of 12-18 months so does your blush and eye shadow. Just like mascara ladies eye shadow should not be in your makeup bag for more then 18 month. You must throw it away or risk getting in eye infection and that is no fun. Lipstick you can hold on to a little longer. However, we run through lipstick and gloss faster then any other makeup product. Now if you just brought makeup and for any reason and it smells funny take in back right away this mean it is rotten. You makeup should never have any weird smell especaily if you just purchased it. This goes for moisturizer,face serum, eye cream ,and eye serum you only have a expectancy of about 18 months and should not smell. By then you should be done with these product anyway and should be replenishing your products.
Now you know how long to have you makeup ladies. Happy shopping!

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