Monday, February 1, 2010

A flawless face start with good skin care

Hello ladies so I got a question today about someone imperfection with their skin and how can they cover it up. Also she ask me about her color foundation since she has a yellow undertone. Ladies I can not stress enough about skin care. This is crucial to beautiful makeup. You can not hide you imperfections with makeup, it actually makes it look worst. So first things first get skin care that is for your skin type. So if you have oily skin get yourself oil free cleansers and oil free moisturizer and so on and so forth. Once your skin is better than you can start seeking out your foundation. You should know your skins undertone before you start looking for a foundation.If you have a yellow undertone stay away from foundation with a yellow base. You should have a more pink or beige base to cut the yellow. If you want more info just ask me a question and I will be more then happy to answer you.