Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random Advice!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. Mine was fine we have been together so long it's just another day with the kids. Since I had my second son I have not been able to do as many face as I use to. Kids can put a hold on your life but it's only temporary. Anyway, I was doing someone face and realize that I had been mistreating my brushes. Now anyone who knows me knows that my brushes are important to me they are my tools. So I looked for all of them and cleaned them very well with my brush cleaner. I use Sephora brush cleaner it's very good and I only paid $14 bucks for it. You can get the spray or the shampoo, personally I have the shampoo. So ladies use brush cleaner for your brushes you will have them longer. So I love a great french manicure but I hate how fast I have to go back and get them re-done. So a couple of months ago while at my job I saw a customer with the most beautiful french manicure I had ever seen. I had to ask her where she got them done. So she proceeded to tell me and said she needed them to be done again. So I was confused because it looked like she just got them done. So I said just that to her, "It look like you just got them done". She replies no they are a permanent french, Now I may be very late but this was the first time I heard of this. I have been doing my nails for years so I was very surprise when I heard this. So I finally decided to get them done and this has been the best money spent. I always said french manicure was sexy and classy. Now I can have them for a longer time with out worrying about them chipping. However, there is a difference between pink & white and white tip manicure. I personally like the white tip french it look more natural. You can check my nails out below. Ladies I am a BIG believer in samples LOL. Never go into a department store without getting a few samples, especially if it for skin care. Do not just buy the product take about two or three samples packets in order to see if your skin will react to it. A good salesperson will contact you in a couple of days to see if everything workout for you. You can get samples on mascara,perfumes,skin care and body products. If they tell you they did not have anymore have them make it for you. They always have samples tubes trust me.... Speaking about mascara a lady always needs a good or great mascara. Now when you are going in to purchase a mascara you want to make sure you know what you are looking for in the mascara. Do you want something to make your lashes look long, have more volume or both. Go in there knowing what you are looking for or you will come out with something that you did not need. Also a great mascara wand make all the difference the formula can be great but if that wand is no good it loses all effectiveness. So this is my random advice for today. You can get most of these product on check it out.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Makeup

Ok ladies so V-Day is a day that you either love or hate. For me I love this day, my anniversary is days away from Valentine's Day so we always put them together. On this day even if you do not have the special someone you can still go out and have a good time. Hopefully you just might meet someone special on this day. Now you should put just as much importance on your makeup wardrobe as your clothing, hair and nails. This day you can do a nice natural look or you can go bold. I personally like the natural look. Especially on this day because you are with your boo and most guys prefer the natural look. V-Day is one day you can compromise with your makeup for your special someone. Now pinks and browns will always work on this day. Try some soft pinks shadows with a little bit of brown to crate a natural look. You can use a soft brown liner instead of black to soften the look. Laura Mercier has a beautiful liner w/sharpener called brown copper and it's only $20. It's soft yet it make your eyes pop. Now for your cheeks you can do a pinky/brown color. You do not want something to pink if your are going for something natural. You can even do a mauve color. Lancome has this cheek color called Aplum it is just Fab...... I recommend this color to almost everyone. Last but not least your lip color. With lip color you can play around with it. So if you want to truly make it natural do a pinky/brownie lipstick or gloss. You can even do a lip stain for the day. Want to go bold what better color then red. However, pick the best red for you. There are so may different reds out there you may end up trying a few before you get the right one. Ok so that my advice on your V-day makeup and of course do not forget your tinted moisturizer, concealer and mascara. You can purchase your makeup needs @ Have a great Valentine's Day............
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