Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bridal Makeup Does and Don'ts

Hello everyone I am back and I want to talk to you all about bridal makeup. So I was going through some pic of work I did and came across some brides I'v worked on. I thought to myself this would be a good topic to write about. Recently I was watching brideizllas and yes I do catch myself watching this show sometimes. Anyway, as a makeup artist I always look at the makeup of the brides and this one episode catch my attention. Now I must say the bride did look beautiful but the makeup artist took a serious chance with the look she choose. I will say I am not sure who choose the look but it was risky nonetheless. The bride had a smokey eye and most artist will agree with me that this is not a look you chose for a bride. So I want to educated you single and engaged ladies out there about the does and don'ts about bridal makeup.

1 Think about hiring a makeup artist. Everyday makeup is very different from your wedding day needs.
2 Chose your makeup artist wisely. Make sure you have a couple of trials before you chose an artist.
3 If your eyes get red use eye drops a brand you have used before. You don't want any surprise that day.
4 Do get plenty of rest the night before.
5 Do apply under eye concealer and make sure its not to light or dark for your skin tone.
6 Use matte shadows and if you want some shimmer make sure it's use as a hight light under the brow bone.
7 Make sure your eye shadows are blended well.
8 Fill in your brows with a brow pencil (NEVER W/EYELINER)
9 Wear at least two coat of waterproof mascara (this will prevent running)
10 Use a eyelash curler before and after applying mascara. I recommend Laura Mercier it's good and only cost 16 bucks.

1 Wear TOO much eye makeup. You may look like you just been in a fight.
2 Try to be to trendy. Remember you want to look back 20 years from now and still love your look.
3 Experiment with brands and eye shadows you have never tried before. You could have a bad reaction to the product.
4 Wear shiny, frosted or shimmery shadows it will creases easily and reflects light.
5 Forget about your eyebrows
6 Twezze or wax your eyebrow a day or the day of your big day.
7 Wear false lash if they are not 100% comfortable and you are sure they will not fall off.

Now down below is a picture of a bride I did take a look.