Saturday, March 26, 2011

This one is for the Fellas!

Ladies and Gentlemen this is a blog that I have been wanting to do for a while and I am just getting around to it today. The reason I am doing this piece is because I want men to know what women really look for. No fellas we do not want a pretty boy well not most of us. We want a well groom man, a man that take care of his appearance. You don't have to take over the mirror and leave us with only 5 minutes to get ready. With that guys one thing I do not like to see is long ,dirty finger nails. You must cut and file your nails , when women see dirty finger nails it's a turn off. Hair is very important as well, moisturize your hair. Also try to get a barber you really like and stick with him. You should not go from barber to barber you can mess your hair line up that way. One thing that I see a lot of is guys washing there faces with bar soap or no soap at all. Fellas this is a no, no please go out and buy a face cleanser. I brought my hubby a KIhle's started kit for his birthday and he absolutely loved it. It came with a face cleanser, moisturizer, bar of soap for the body and shaving cream. Needless to say he has been using it ever since. A well dress man is always sexy, with that said I say to all my fellas out there dress age appropriate. You should not be like 50 with a du-rag NO or 35 wearing skinny jeans!(EVEN THOU I FEEL NO MALES SHOULD WEAR THIS LOOK) I am not saying that you can't be stylish just make it look good for your age. Showers are a must and NEVER overdo colonge you just end up stinking. If you love yourself some colonge three sprays the most. I recommend NO colonge a shower in some great smelling soap will do just fine. Last but not least your shoe game, just like men loves a female with a mean shoe games so do women. We can appreciate a men that appreciate good shoes. Do not get me wrong this does not have to be hard bottoms. This can be some stylish sneakers, or boots. My advice is make sure you always look fresh you don't have to wear all name brand clothes. That can look tacky when you are all name brand down. You can look very good as long as your have a fresh cut, clean nice clothes and some good foot wear. So to all my guys out there I hope this advice help you out somewhat. If you need some more you can always ask.


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