Friday, March 18, 2011

Hair Care Products

Ok so my hairdresser is out of town and I needed to get my hair done. Know I promise myself that I would not let anyone else touch my hair expect for her. I have keep this promise, am I a hairdresser HELL NO. However, I do my best to look good. So I decided to go out and buy some hair products that I have been eyeing. I love products that contain Olive Oil we all know the benefits that Olive Oil can give us. So I went and purchased Olive Oil shampoo and deep conditioner. Along with hot oil treatment that was desperately needed. So I shampoo my hair and put regular conditioner in my hair. I did not use my deep conditioner because I did not want to weight my hair down. I did use the hot oil treatment because it was need for my ends badly. After I wash and conditioner my hair I used the hot oil treatment. I put a cap on and sat under the dryer for about 5 minutes. Once that was over I rinsed the hot oil treatment out and roller set my hair. I was under the dryer for an hour. However, instead of taking the roller out and blow drying my hair I left the roller in for the night. So the next morning I blew my hair out and flat ironed it. Take a look below and see how I did with my hair.......


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