Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flawless Makeup Start With Flawless Skin!

Before you can have flawless makeup you must have flawless skin. So taking care of your skin is highly important. You must cleanse, tone, and moisturize. First step is to cleanse your face. You must pick the right cleanser for your skin type. For example if you have oily skin you want an oil free cleanser or believe it or not an oil cleanser. The reason you want an oil cleaners is because the oils act like Mrs. Pac Man and eat away at the excessive oils. Drink a lot of water this helps oily skin as well. If you have dry skin you want a cream cleanser and normal skin can do a foam or cream cleaners. There are ways to check what your skin type is. First wash your face and lightly pat dry face. Do not put on any moisturizer on for about 3 hours. Press a single piece of tissue to your face and remove it. If there is no oil on the paper and your face does not feel flaky and tight you have normal skin. If there is no oil on the paper and your face feels flaky and tight you have dry skin. If oil comes off your cheeks,forehead and nose you have oily skin. Now if oil comes off on the forehead and nose but not on the cheeks you have combination skin. However, if your skin reacts to new products by becoming itchy,red , inflamed, or it is blotchy and tight then you mostly have sensitive skin. Once you have chosen the right cleanser you can buy a toner. Before I go forward if you are new to having a skin care regime I would advise you to sample every product you buy first. Also sample these products one at a time. This is just in case you are allergic to a product you can pin point which product caused you to have a reaction.
After you have selected a toner you can now go on to your moisturizer. This can be more complex then people think, a moisturizer that to heavy for the skin can cause break out due to the moisturizer being too heavy. Well a moisturizer that is to light for the skin will make the skin dry, dull, and lifeless. There is two type of moisturizer that is for the face and eyes. Now within these two types are many categories for the face and eyes. Lets talk about you face for awhile. You have anti-aging for the more mature women, oil-free for again oily skin, day and night creams as well as ones with SPF (sun protection formula). I will go back to this, you must identify what your skin type is to find the right products for you. However, if you find yourself having a difficult time figuring out what’s your skin type is getting a little help will not hurt you. With this said seek out professional advise. You can go see a licensed Aesthetics or a Dermatologist. As for your eye cream the one is not as complex. You can get an eye cream for anti-aging, puffiness and firmness. There is no cream that will make your dark circle disappear, especially if you have had it all your life. So for now we will use concealer for that and that I will discuss later in a different discussion. Just get some good rest, drink a lot of H20 and no smoking this is very bad for your skin. Visit for all your beauty needs.


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