Saturday, January 15, 2011

Do You Know How To Match Your Foundation Color?

Foundation base is one of the most complicated part of color that I have seen. However,the process is not as complicated as many women make it . Either they wear a base to light or to dark or just wrong the undertone. One of the main mistake I have seen is women testing there foundation on the inner side of their wrist. Ladies this is a BIG NO NO. Put your wrist by your face and look at how different the color is. This is why we as professionals never do this. The best way to test your base foundation is to take three foundation color that is the closest to your skin color. Take the foundation colors and make three stripes at your jaw line which ever one literally disappears into the skin that's the color for you. If none of them work choose the color that was the nearest to your completion and use that color to gage weather you need to go some shades light or darker. Also remember to choose either oil free or regular. Notes Undertone: Primarily Pink, Pink and Yellow, Yellow and Olive and Pink and Yellow. For darker tones yellow or red. I hope this has been helpful remember if you have any question just ask. Don't forget to visit and purchase your beauty needs @


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